Kelbus recovery equipment
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Author:  Rob Morel [ 04 Jun 2011, 16:06 ]
Post subject:  Kelbus recovery equipment

The current issue of 'Modern Locomotives illustrated' issue 189, the class 31s, June-July 2011
(£4.20) has a good photo on page 68 showing a class 31 loco that has extended a head shunt somewhat and is being recovered by Kelbus hauling tackle with the assistance of no less than five class 47 locos.
The incident on 31 October 1977 with 31 273 and not a crane in sight.
Does anyone have any stories/memories of using this equipment?
or the actual recovery itself
as usual appreciate any reply.

Author:  Mick House [ 03 Aug 2012, 15:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kelbus recovery equipment

We had Kelbus Equipment in our crane vans and I was instructed on how to use it, but we never used it in anger.

Author:  David Morgan [ 03 Aug 2012, 17:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kelbus recovery equipment


There is an interesting two page feature covering the recovery of 31273, with photos and a diagram, in the February 1978 edition of Modern Railways. Briefly, the loco was working the 2211 Southall Yard to Acton Yard on 31/10/77 when it failed to stop at the north end of the Up Goods Loop between Southall and Hanwell. Due to loco being propelled by wagons loaded with scrap metal, coming to rest partly down the side of the embankment and 130ft beyond the end of the Goods Loop it was beyond the reach of any breakdown cranes at the time. Following removal of the wagons and much preparatory work, the loco was eventually recovered on 20/11/77 with the use of four sets of Kelbus gear. Six class 47 locos were used in the recovery operation, three pulling to the south (47216, 47185, 47197), one to the north (47186) in order to keep 31273 upright and two (47358, 47540) acting as additional load on the Up and Down Relief Lines to prevent them from being pulled out of alignment. The recovery operation was apparently planned by WR London Divisional Maintenance Engineer, Bren Jordan and the Acting Divisional Traction & Rolling Stock Engineer, Brian Bedwell. The rerailing operation was carried out by Old Oak Common breakdown gangs led by Tony Coles and Maurice Blewitt, with the help of additional equipment from Cricklewood and Willesden Depots.

Author:  Mick House [ 04 Aug 2012, 09:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kelbus recovery equipment

And also in Backtrack Volume 1 part 1: spring 1987 re-railing Lord Nelson class locomotive 30854 Howard of Effingham following accident at Shawford in July 1952 using Kelbus equipment.

and for a modern day version of Kelbus, Look at this link: ... evice.html

Author:  Bryan Blundell [ 05 Aug 2012, 17:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kelbus recovery equipment

Whilst not showing any craneage at all these 2 clips are worth looking at.

The 2 clips are about delivering a pair of coaches to Bellingham in Northumberland.
First clip is primarily offloading from the lowloader but the second clip shows the use of MFD gear.
I make no apologies for the soundtrack. ... re=related

Author:  Steve Wright [ 06 Aug 2012, 04:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kelbus recovery equipment

Blast from the past. I worked on that unit when it was at Meldon {Dartrmoor Railway}. The background music is the same track used in Network Rail briefing DVD's aswell :shock:

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