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Author:  Rob Morel [ 09 Feb 2012, 19:37 ]
Post subject:  2012

With just two cranes and sets of Breakdown vans in use (Knottingley and Bescot) and two cranes and one set of vans in reserve, it would appear via various e-mails circulating that from the start of April DBS (who have the contract to operate recovery equipment for NR) wil not be attending incidents off the national network unless a contract is in place with the TOC or FOC or other private operator before hand. No doubt making 'best use' of available resources.
Not including the fleet of road and 5 road/rail vehicles that DBS operate, considerable scope will exist then for the many private suppliers to offer 'mfd' re railing in the many depots and yards not on NR infrastructure.
So from an all time high back in the day to an all time low, ADRC96710 &ADRC96715 are the only two cranes on the run with another two in store.

Author:  Chris Capewell [ 10 Feb 2012, 16:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: 2012

Thanks for confirming the situation with regard to the fact that two machines are officially classified as in reserve. One wondered quite why they'd migrated to where they are.
Of the two in commission machines - can it be confirmed which one was sent to Bletchley last week?; and whether having got there it did anything? 90046 didn't seem that diffficult for jacking.
At least it's one more BDC than SNCF have!

Author:  Bryan Blundell [ 10 Feb 2012, 20:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: 2012

Which are the 2 in store and where?

Author:  Rob Morel [ 11 Feb 2012, 16:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: 2012

ADRC96713 and ADRC96714 both in store at Wigan Springs Branch.
The class 90 at Bletchley that derailed crossing up slow to up fast through a 15mph crossover actually ' landed' nearer to (and fouling) the down fast, so one of the small road rail Volvo vehicles attended and performed the lift using MFD equipment onto the down fast.
The road rail vehicle had good road access so just parked adjacent to the derailment.
Once back on the rails -a class 57 then coupled to the London end and towed the stricken 90 to Wembley after a second class 57 had coupled on rear sandwiching the 90. ... nction.cfm

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